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I am an artist, who follows her heart. I am the hand that interprets the heart, hoping to bring you some beauty and light.



Katrina Josephine Cheban was born in Ukraine. While still a teenager, she moved to New York city with her family, which is where she spent all of her cognitive adult life cultivating her talent and improving her skills.


As a little girl she dreamt of performing in theater with dramatic lighting, beautiful costumes, fairy tale lands. As she went to Adelphi University in pursuance of acting career, she got involved with stage lighting and props assembly, while attending Honors College and minoring in Dance. Later, she moved on to children’s book illustration and decided to devote her life to creating imagery for kids. She studied Fine Art, Traditional Illustration and Sculpture along with Adobe Creative Suite software.


For several years she worked as a Decorative Painter and Muralist for nurseries, children rooms and party places, while managing her own studio.


Katrina Josephine has graduated from Adelphi University with Summa Cum Laude and an Award of Merit for Art Senior Exhibition with the Bachelor’s degree in Arts. She received her Master’s Degree in Computer Arts from the School of Visual Arts.​


At the School of Visual Arts, where she's learned Traditional and 3D Animation, Character Design, Story Boarding, 3D Modeling, Rigging, Compositing, Film Editing, Video Shooting with the use of Green Screen, Keying, Rotoscoping, Stereoscopic 3D and Sound Design. She learned various softwares and acquired an ability to use them creatively with special attention to dramatic lighting, color, texture and an effect it would produce on the viewer. With her natural painting skills and ability to process imagery through her personal emotions, she is capable in producing spectacular results which exude taste and skill.​


While still in school, Yekaterina collaborated with Lillian Schwartz – the digital arts pioneer, who chose Yekaterina assist and create supplementary visuals for video production related to finding the mystery behind the SHROUD OF TURIN.​


She has worked as a lead background designer and cg painter at Bunko Studios, Inc on projects such WARNER BROTHERS MAD TV parody series for Cartoon Network, HENSON’s SID THE SCIENCE KID show for PBS KIDS utilizing primarily Photoshop and Cintique as the tools of the design and painting.​


Katrina really enjoys making things beautiful, lit with light and revealing textures of the natural world. She puts her heart and soul into every project she undertakes.​



She is professional, courteous, determined, honest and responsible, able to create magic with her hands in the time period allocated and meet dead lines. She loves to work with people, inspire them and encourage whenever it is possible even if it is only to create beautiful works of art.​